Marilyn VanDerbur, Outstanding speaker, motivatorMarilyn was declared the
“Outstanding Woman Speaker in America”
after 30,000 questionnaires were sent to meeting planners nationwide.

Marilyn’s passion is educating society about the long term impact of sexual assault so that people will better understand why resources need to be available for prevention and intervention.

Comments so often heard, “This happened a long time ago…”  “You need to just get over it..” will not be made again after attendees understand that rape is not “just a bad twenty minutes” but a life changing event. The need for financial support for organizations that are dedicated to protecting children becomes clearer.

Marilyn shares her journey of recovery from 13 years of incest, not so that people will know more about her but so that attendees will know more about them selves.  Many survivors of sexual assault believe the pain will never end.  Marilyn is there to testify by her words and her life that healing is possible…IF…the “work” of healing is done.  She also inspires “support people” by sharing how her husband supported her during her darkest days.

Marilyn most often speaks at fund raisers.  She cannot remember a time when a fund raiser did not raise significantly more money after hearing her speak.

She empowers survivors and gives hope to support people.  Attendees leave talking about her message and continue conversations for weeks after the event.  She also brings media attention to your organization.

“You were more than wonderful – you were inspiring, and beyond all my expectations.”
Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center

“I read your book but NOTHING could have prepared me for the POWER of seeing and hearing you in person. The audience (you brought over 1,000 people) hung on your every word. The audible sighs, applause, laughter and tears throughout your speech said it all.”  Prevent Child Abuse, Iowa

“Our most popular newspaper columnist wrote, “Marilyn turned the audience upside down. Her presentation was flawless and riveting.”
The Women’s Center, Ft. Worth, Texas

Your gut level honesty, integrity, hope and courage have led people not only to tears but to action!” (800 attended)
North Carolina Chapter, Prevention of Child Abuse

We knew you would be compelling. What we did not realize was that you would affect our audience in such a powerful and passionate manner. We filled the Grand Ballroom with elected officials, family court judges, social workers, law enforcement, child advocates, etc…you had every person’s undivided attention. Every eye, every ear was tuned in to your message.” (600+ attended)
Friends of Joshua House, Tampa, Fla.

“The dinner grossed over $200,000, and I still hear people buzzing about what an impact your story has had on their lives.”
Child Abuse Prevention Services, Chicago

Your dynamic delivery of such a powerful message has profoundly changed this Junior League forever.”
Winston-Salem, NC (local meeting)

“Comments were: “stunned with the story I was hearing…speechless from the presentation.” You helped raise over $225,000.”
Children’s Hospital and Health System, Milwaukee

Many people said you are the best speaker we have ever had. We will have raised over $300,000.”
Colorado Christian Home, Denver

You have done the impossible… You were the perfect speaker for this conference.”
Sexual Assaults Resource Service National Conference, Minneapolis

We get the very best people but I don’t think anyone was prepared for your presentation or the impact it had…your words formed a frame in which everything else fit as the conference progressed.”
Supreme Court of the State of New York, Appellate Division

I have never seen the participants respond to a keynote talk as they responded to you…response was overwhelming.”
Family Sexual Abuse Treatment, Inc. Madison, Wisconsin

The former president of the America College of Cardiology said hearing your presentation should be required for all members of the departments. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say that before.”
The Mayo Clinic Grand Rounds Rochester, MN

Your presentation was beyond belief…”
Children’s Advocacy Center, Bloomington, IL

My mind is still riveted…I was overwhelmed…”
Children’s Advocacy Project, Rockford, IL

How can I thank you for the impact of your speech…the calls are still coming in…even the corporate types seem to finally “get it.”
Memphis Child Advocacy Center (sponsored by Memphis Jr. League)

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